who we are

We are an agency run by the founders of Women of Cincy and powered by its community members. We specialize in shaping the stories of women-owned, women-led, and women-empowering businesses and initiatives. Our city is home to so many passionate, innovative, and talented individuals who just might change the world if given the opportunity. Often, that opportunity starts with a story, and that's where we come in.

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what we do

We offer a range of branding and communications services designed to help you turn your ideas into an identity, to say to your community, “My work matters, and here’s why.” We’re passionate about every element of your story, including graphic design, photography, copywriting, social media, and more.

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our story

“Do better.” It’s both an inside joke and a mantra that brought the two of us together. We became fast friends years ago, a nine-months-pregnant poet and a designer-of-all-trades with a common commitment to sincere, impactful work. In 2017, we started Women of Cincy -- quite by accident -- to tell the stories of amazing local women. Our community grew faster than we could’ve ever imagined. In November, we decided to focus our passions full-time on supporting local women-owned, women-led, and women-empowering businesses, and Notice was born.

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notice women

Our mission is to elevate incredible women through everything that we do, from clients to collaborators to the badasses who print our business cards. Our dream is to see more women kicking butt in leadership roles.


notice passion

We work with people whose goals we care about deeply. When we say we're in, we are all in. We'll work alongside you to shape your story and we'll advocate for you long after our work together is finished.


notice people

It all boils down to our belief that people matter. No organization, community, or city can succeed without the success and well-being of its individuals. We will always prioritize respect, authenticity, and an open mind.


women of cincy


Women of Cincy is a social enterprise built to celebrate Cincinnati’s incredible women, creating empathy and opportunities through storytelling, collaboration, community, and mentorship. We work within the community to employ, empower, and elevate local women of all backgrounds, colors, shapes, and abilities.

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the empowerment that comes from gaining your own agency and claiming those aspects of your own identity is, i think, vital for growth and change.
— rachelle caplan, woman of cincy, october 2017
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