about us

We are an agency run by the founders of Women of Cincy and powered by its community members. We specialize in shaping the stories of women-owned, women-led, and women-empowering businesses and initiatives. Our city is home to so many passionate, innovative, and talented individuals who just might change the world if given the opportunity. Often, that opportunity starts with a story, and that's where we come in.

the why...

There’s a gap in the realm of small business branding – especially for women entrepreneurs. It’s no secret that women are generally less invested in – just ask Harvard Business Review, Marketplace, Fortune, and more. Women received just 2% of venture capitalist money in 2016, despite owning 38% of the country’s businesses.

As designers and storytellers, we want to play a role in changing those numbers. You need a story to attract money, and in the branding world, you typically need a lot of money to shape your story.

Yes, quality branding costs money. But for us, it’s not about the big client with a wad of cash. It’s about the ideas that make us get up out of our chairs and say yes. The world needs that. It’s about working with our clients to make sure those ideas come to light, even if it means starting small. And of course, starting small is only the beginning.


Our mission is to... 

  • Elevate local women-owned, women-led, and women-empowering businesses and initiatives.

  • Do our best possible work for people whose goals we care about deeply.

  • Empower women in every business decision we make.

  • Support and encourage growth of the local economy.

  • Uphold the belief that individuals matter.

  • Support initiatives that put more women in leadership roles.

  • Be thoroughly and unconditionally transparent with our stakeholders and community.

  • Create a community that respects and encourages a healthy work-life balance.

Our promise to our clients... 

  • We will be passionate and sincere.

  • This is your story, and we will work closely alongside you to tell it.

  • We will advocate for you long after our work together is done.

Our stakeholders and partners... 

  • Dedicate themselves to quality work, employee wellness, an improved society, and a healthy planet.

  • Reject harassment and discriminatory or derogatory language or actions of any kind.

  • Conduct themselves with the mindset that they represent all women and represent the city of Cincinnati.